Other Work

A selection of things I’ve made, written, or edited elsewhere.



A single page website that calculates Snowflake query costs, written in HTML and Vanilla JS.

Tutorial: Using Pandas with Large Data Sets in Python

Written for the Dataquest Blog

Have a dataset that is too big for pandas? Learn how to use type optimizations to reduce memory usage in pandas by up to 90%.

How to Get Your First Job as a Data Scientist

Written for the Dataquest Blog

Getting your first job in data can be tough, but a portfolio can give you an important edge. Understand the strategies that will help you build a compelling portfolio to help you get your first job in data.

Python Projects for Beginners: The Best Way to Learn

Written for the Dataquest Blog

Learning by making projects is an extremely effective technique. Learn what makes a good project for beginners and how to use navigate a project-based learning journey.

Want a Job in Data? Learn This

Written for KDNuggets

SQL is perhaps the most undervalued language in data. This article explains why SQL is so important to learn.

Python API Tutorial: Getting Started with APIs

Ghost-Written for the Dataquest Blog

Learn how to use the Python requests library to access data using APIs.

28 Jupyter Notebook Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts

Edited for the Dataquest Blog

Jupyter notebook is an essential tool for working with data in Python. Learn how to get the most out of Jupyter with these tricks and shortcuts.

SettingwithCopyWarning: How to Fix This Warning in Pandas

Edited for the Dataquest Blog

One warning causes trouble and confusion for pandas novices and experts alike. Learn what causes this warning and how to resolve it.